Mad Skills BMX 2 2.4.5 (Unlimited money)

We’ve found the perfect game for BMX and bike lovers. Whip out tons of crazy tricks, race to the finish and flex on the competition. You can live out any of your crazy BMX fantasies with this game available for download.

This is a part of the Mad Skills series of games. These games are action packed and full of crazy and sick action for anyone to enjoy.

The best part of the game – it’s free to play! No matter how bored you are and looking for a game to play, the Mad Skills series is here with completely free additions.

So, invite some of your friends to the fun and compete with them to see who is the absolute best in 2 wheel riding, sick trick performances, and speedaholics.

With all of that being said, you should have already downloaded the Mad Skills 2 BMX game. Otherwise, you seem to be wasting time.

Amazing Features

A game wouldn’t mean anything without great features to carry it. And this is no exception. Check out all of these amazing features included when you download Mad Skills BMX 2 for Android.

  • Realistic physics that allow you to ride as if it were real life. A perfect blend of realism and arcade gaming.
  • You can unlock 7 different BMX bikes to enjoy. Additionally, they can be upgraded and customized to your liking.
  • You can also customize your rider to add another level of personalization. You’ll feel even more immersed into the game once you have fully customized your rider.
  • There are dozens of tracks to ride through as well. This keeps the variety in each of your runs, keeping you from ever feeling bored.
  • The game is also updated with weekly competitions to compete in. Not only this, but you can also join competitions with friends or anyone from around the world.
  • Finally, there are many bosses for you to overcome in certain situations.

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